Category: Registration

Licensing Requirements

LICENSING A practitioner shall be required to obtain the following licences, as the case may be; Full time specialist practice [...]

Temporary Licence for Foreign Doctors

Any practitioner not registered in the Republic but who, having valid qualifications from a different country, and who is desirous [...]

Internship requirements for Medical & Dental Practitioners

1. MEDICAL Every doctor shall be required to undergo an internship training program for  a period of one (1) year [...]

Requirements for Intership Training Centres

Every training centre shall: be required to have consultants and other technical and supportive staff in each of the four [...]

Registration requirements for Medical & Dental Institutions

REGISTRATION AND OPERATION OF MEDICAL & DENTAL PREMISES. It shall be the duty of every practitioner to practise in medical [...]

Registration requirements for Medical & Dental Practitioners

(A) Registration Requirements for doctors trained in Kenya  The following documents should accompany all applications: A certified copy of original [...]

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