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Health Facility Inspection Checklists

  1. Level 2
  2. Level 3A
  3. Level 3B
  4. Level 4
  5. Level 5
  6. Level 6A
  7. Level 6B

Other Forms

  1. Application for Indexing of Medical & Dental students
  2. Application for Internship Qualifying Examination
  3. Application for Pre-registration examination for Foreign trained doctors
  4. Internship Assessment Form-Medicine/Dentistry
  5. Internship Completion Certificate – Medical
  6. Internship Completion Certificate – Dental
  7. Application for Dental Internship Training Facility Inspection
  8. Application for Medical Internship Training Facility Inspection
  9. Application for Medical or Dental Internship License
  10. Application for Peer Review Exam
  11. Application_For_Permanent_registration_as_a_Medical_or_Dental_Practitioner
  12. Application for Medical Dental Practitioners Reciprocal Registration Recognition under East Africa Community Protocol
  13. Application for Recognition of Specialty/ Sub-specialty Status
  14. Specialist Referee Request Form
  15. Application for Certificate of Status
  16. Requirements for Opening a Health Institution
  17. Application for Registration of Private Medical or Dental Institution (NEW)
  18. Application for New Accreditation as a CPD Provider
  19. Application for Renewal of CPD Accreditation
  20. Application for Lodging Complaint
  21. Medical Practitioners and Dentists (Forms and Fees)(Amendment) Rules 2012
  22. Application to conduct a Medical or Dental Camp
  23. Referral Form for Medical Management Abroad
  24. Application_for_Oral_Health_Practitioner_Internship_License
  25. Application_Permanent_registration_as_a_Oral_Health_Practitioner
  26. Application for Oral_health Practitioner Practice License Degree holders
  27. Application for Oral_health Practitioner  Practice License _Diploma holders

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