List of Validly nominated candidates for the members of Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board 2014-2019

Dental Candidates

No. Candidate Name Reg.No Qualifications
1. Prof. Evelyn Gaceri Wagaiyu B.252 BDS(Nairobi) 1983 MSc.Periodontology(London) 1989 PHD 2013
2. Dr. Jonathan Kiprop B.834 BDS(Nairobi) 2007
3. Dr. Mathew Kiriago Akama B.458 BDS(Nairobi) 1992 MDS(Oral & Maxillofacial)(Nairobi)2005
4. Dr. Nathan Kitio Psiwa B.492 BDS(Nairobi) 1992 Msc.Ortho.(Western Cape) 2005
5. Dr. Tom Onyango Ochola B.304 BDS(Nairobi) 1984 MSc(Dental Radiology)(Lon)1989 FRCR Dip. Dent.(SA) FADI FICD

Ballot papers will be posted by registered mail to doctors whose names appear in the 2014 Retention Register

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