1. Any practitioner not registered in the Republic but who, having valid qualifications from a different country, and who is desirous of giving medical or dental services in the course of any humanitarian or other valid cause, shall be required to obtain a licence upon payment of the prescribed fees, which licence shall be valid for such period as shall be determined by the Board, subject to a maximum period of twelve (12) months  and subject to a renewal upon expiry.
  2. The following documents shall accompany the application:-
      1. Curriculum Vitae;
      2. Certificate of proficiency in English;
      3. A certified copy of a valid registration certificate issued in the country of       qualification;
      4. A certified copy of a certificate of good standing or a similar document issued during the preceding three (3) months by the registering Authority in the country where a person was working and/or studying;
      5. A certified copy of original basic degree;
      6. Certified true copies of English translations of all documents presented, if indicated;
      7. Relevant testimonials together with relevant English translations;
      8. The prescribed fee;
      9. Current passport size photo;
      10. Transcripts; and
      11. Copy of the national identification card.
  3. The licence shall –
    1. stipulate the discipline of the service to be rendered by the practitioner;
    2. specify the institution from where such practice shall be rendered.

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